[XGNews]: Wireless gives priority to fast experience | new products of Xinhua 3 WLAN lead the construction of Intelligent Park Network

The following is the [XGNews]: Wireless gives priority to fast experience | new products of Xinhua 3 WLAN lead the construction of Intelligent Park Network recommended by xgapn.com.

On November 30, the online seminar on “release of smart park network construction guide and interpretation of new products of Xinhua 3 WLAN” with the theme of “wireless priority and fast experience” was held as scheduled. At the meeting, IDC, an international data company, issued the guide for the construction of intelligent park network, which aims to provide constructive suggestions and technical route reference for the park network construction of industrial users. At the same time, the two sides also witnessed the new launch of the whole scene 4.8gbps wireless new products and minimalist master AC products of Xinhua III group under Ziguang. With its excellent performance and extreme experience, the series of new products will become the best choice for users in various industries in wireless network access scenarios.

Ad campus solves the difficulty of traditional park connection

IDC predicts that the next five years will be a golden period for the development of digitization and digital economy. During this period, the digital transformation drives the development of business to cloud, Internet of things and terminal mobility, which leads to the new demand of enterprises for networking in the park. However, the traditional park network faces many challenges such as “poor use experience, no business guarantee and difficult troubleshooting”, which can not meet the application guarantee of business development at all levels. Therefore, building an intelligent park network has become the only way to accelerate the digital transformation of the industry.

In the guide to Intelligent Park Network Construction recently released by IDC, it is pointed out that the intelligent park network built by enterprises needs to have four characteristics of “wireless priority, service guarantee, one network bearing and intelligent operation and maintenance”. This is highly consistent with the core characteristics of the ad campus solution for the park network of Xinhua three group. Through a unified platform architecture, it can realize wired and wireless integrated management, provide the ability of the network to move with “people”, build a minimalist, high-speed and ultra wide smart Park Network for users, and fully realize the automation and intelligence of the park network.

Win with “fast” and launch new WLAN products with Xinhua triple

Based on the long-term insight and deep technical cultivation of the park network for nearly 20 years, Xinhua three group adheres to the four directions of “wireless priority, multi network integration, network intelligent healing and edge perception”, provides users with WYSIWYG application experience guarantee, and leads the “digital intelligence” transformation of the park network.

The whole scenario is 4.8gbps, creating a “fast” access network

Now, in combination with the scene business transformation in the park, Xinhua three group has launched new WLAN products to build a “fast” access network with 4.8gbps ultra-high rate Wi Fi 6 in the whole scene. In addition to the widely used wa6638 high-density AP and wa6630x outdoor ball AP, Xinhua III has launched four full scene 4.8gbps Wi Fi 6 products, which can cover high-density scenes such as dormitories, small offices, medium and large offices and conference rooms, meet the needs of business changes in different scenarios, and make the high-quality wireless experience go hand in hand.

Full scene 4.8gbps wireless products

The whole scene 4.8gbps Wi Fi 6 AP of Xinhua Group 3 adopts four spatial streams in 5GHz band, up to 4.8gbps access rate, and the product performance is improved by at least 200%. At the same time, all built-in iedge components can quickly and timely adjust and control air interface resources, and the terminal access speed is increased by 30%.

“Minimalist master AC” quickly realizes network intelligent healing and reconstructs user experience

In addition to providing the ultimate product hardware capability, in order to obtain the best WLAN experience, we still need to make innovations and breakthroughs in management and operation and maintenance. The ad campus solution of Xinhua third group is applicable to all Park scenarios. Through the end network integrated management and control technology, the terminal operation and maintenance management level and terminal security management level can be improved, and the terminal operation and maintenance management cost can be reduced. Among them, “minimalist master AC” has the characteristics of “unified operation and maintenance, unified control and unified management”. Different types of central control gateways are applied in large, medium and small parks, which can effectively improve network stability, realize network intelligent healing and reconstruct user experience. Large parks can adopt Xinhua III wx55x elastic architecture controller, and small and medium-sized parks can adopt WCG central control gateway integrating AC, Internet of things platform, operation and maintenance management, authentication, security and other components and functions to simplify operation and deployment.

Zhao Yujin, general manager of the wireless product line of Xinhua 3 group, said, “the key business guarantee continues to bring challenges to the park network. Xinhua 3 expects to provide the fastest access speed and the fastest operation and maintenance experience for Baixing and Baiye through the whole scene Jizhi Wi Fi 6 products and minimalist master AC, so as to create an efficient intelligent park network with ‘fast’.”

“Business scenario + user experience” two smart tools for future park network business

During the round table dialogue, in response to the hot topic of “where is the next stop of the future park network”, Zhao Yujin, general manager of the wireless product line of Xinhua three group, pointed out that “the future of the network should not only be connected, but also pay attention to and return to the core business of the enterprise. When building an intelligent park network has become a new trend in the digital era, we should focus more on business scenarios and user experience.”

round-table conversation

Hu Xiangdong (left), assistant research director of IDC, Zhao Yujin (middle), general manager of wireless product line of Xinhua Group 3, and Liu Hengsheng (right), director of intelligent management and operation and maintenance product planning department of Xinhua Group 3

Hu Xiangdong, assistant research director of IDC, agrees with this, “the enterprise IT department has gradually changed from a support department to a production department, and the integration of business and it has become more and more close. As an important support, the business value has become increasingly prominent, and the network has even become a part of the enterprise business.” Liu Hengsheng, director of intelligent management and operation and maintenance product planning department of xinhuasan group, also said, “The core goal of network construction and operation and maintenance is business first and experience is king. Considering the planning and construction of the network from the perspective of business, Xinhua San has always adhered to the concept of business driven network, provided network operation from the perspective of user experience, and actively participated in the formulation and product pre research of the next generation wireless standard Wi Fi 7, in order to help users’ network business innovate continuously.”

As the industry leader who has been ranked No. 1 in China’s enterprise WLAN market for 12 consecutive years, Xinhua Group III will continue to deepen the “cloud intelligence native” strategy, promote the practice of “digital brain 2021”, rely on its own strong wireless technology strength, rich industry experience and ecological cooperation, continue to build a “quick and smart” wireless network for users, and release the new value of intelligent connection.

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