[XGNews]: Wuxi Telecom’s “Urban Smart eye” sweeps the “blind spot” of urban supervision

The following is the [XGNews]: Wuxi Telecom’s “Urban Smart eye” sweeps the “blind spot” of urban supervision recommended by xgapn.com.

On January 10, in Wuxi Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, the reporter saw that on the “City Smart eye” display platform set up by China Telecom Jiangsu Wuxi Branch, there were signals of not wearing safety helmets, personnel breaking in and smoking at a construction site in Financial Street. The platform duty system automatically transferred to relevant units and quickly handled them. It is reported that this “Urban Smart eye” is a 5g super uplink and mec system project of “Urban Smart eye” innovated and constructed by telecom, which can detect, monitor, warn, protect and deal with various public safety events in time. In Wuxi, “Urban Smart eye” is playing an active role in sweeping the “blind spot” of urban supervision and accelerating the completion of Wuxi “urban comprehensive operation management center”.

Zhou Haifeng, engineer of Wuxi Telecom wireless maintenance team, introduced that there are three major problems in the traditional video monitoring system: one is “incomplete viewing”; Second, “can’t see clearly”; The third is “can’t understand”. Therefore, they organized innovation teams to actively tackle key problems, provincial and municipal linkage, front and rear coordination and rapid landing. After active exploration and repeated testing, the innovation team put forward a scientific and effective solution – “Urban Smart eye” 5g super uplink and mec system project. The scheme takes 5g super uplink and mec edge computing as the core, and realizes the full coverage monitoring of HD video in key urban management areas by installing and deploying Mantis array Ultra HD camera system in the front end. Technically, the R & D personnel simultaneously transmit 18 channels of 4K ultra-high definition video for each camera through the dual carrier 5g super uplink network. The core side adopts the 5g customized network “next door” mode, sinks a dedicated UPF in the park computer room, configures a dedicated DNN, constructs a virtual isolated service data channel, and realizes end-to-end customized slicing. AI Artificial Intelligence Algorithm and video big data analysis system are deployed based on MEC to carry out structural analysis and labeling processing of surveillance video, so as to achieve the work goal of “Urban Smart eye” to see fully, clearly and understand. Based on the vast video surveillance security market in Wuxi, the project is being replicated and promoted on a large scale through strong cooperation with ankodi, a high-tech video surveillance enterprise.

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