[XGNews]: Zeng Xuezhong talked about Xiaomi 12’s “focusing on everything” function: integrating the “iron egg” technology into the mobile phone

The following is the [XGNews]: Zeng Xuezhong talked about Xiaomi 12’s “focusing on everything” function: integrating the “iron egg” technology into the mobile phone recommended by xgapn.com.

At the end of last month, Xiaomi held a new product launch and officially launched Xiaomi 12 series mobile phones. The new machine is equipped with cyberfocus all things focusing technology, which can identify a variety of subjects, control the camera for focusing, learn subject characteristics and track focusing.

This morning, Zeng Xuezhong, senior vice president of Xiaomi group and President of mobile phone department, released the story behind Xiaomi 12 series – “all things focus”, talking about how to think of integrating iron egg technology into Xiaomi 12.

According to reports, Xiaomi has done a lot of interviews and research in the early stage, and found that many users want to capture daily beautiful “moments” with their mobile phones, such as rainbows after the rain, sunset on the way to work, bright starry sky, etc; And some treasure mothers feed back that “cubs” run too fast and are easy to paste.

Zeng Xuezhong said that they thought from iron egg’s “master following function”, optimized the algorithm of master following function, and introduced “cyberdog master tracking technology” into Xiaomi 12 series. This combination solves the problem of “clear background and fuzzy subject” in the automatic focusing of mobile phones, and meets the capture needs of users in children, pets, sports and other scenes.

It home learned that cyberfocus all things focusing technology comes from the owner tracking technology of Xiaomi robot dog cyberdog, which belongs to the category of computational photography technology, including high-precision human / Pet model detection, human Reid technology, object feature self-learning technology, automatic judgment technology of locked focusing object, camera recall technology, etc.

Through the “all things focus” function, when the user double clicks the detected object, the algorithm will automatically identify the boundary range of the object that the user wants to track and lock it. For example, if you click a cat, the traditional mobile phone camera will lock a small part of the nearby area, such as the cat’s ears, and the “all things focus” function can identify the whole cat for overall locking and tracking.

Zeng Xuezhong pointed out that while tracking, Xiaomi 12’s all things focusing algorithm will constantly “know” the photographed object to ensure continuous tracking for a long time, and can continue tracking after the main body comes back from the frame.

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