[XGNews]: Zunhua Unicom’s urban service realizes “half day communication”

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The following is the [XGNews]: Zunhua Unicom’s urban service realizes “half day communication” recommended by xgapn.com.

After the recurrence of the epidemic in Hebei Province, it has become the primary responsibility of communication enterprises to support the epidemic prevention and control to ensure the command and scheduling of the epidemic and Internet telecommuting. In view of the special requirements for the smooth broadband network in the special period, Zunhua branch of Hebei Tangshan Unicom, with stronger social responsibility and higher service standards, promises to shorten the time limit of urban service to less than 4 hours on the basis of the original “one-day connection” of broadband installation and repair, so as to realize “half day connection”.

In this regard, Zunhua Unicom expanded the publicity of “half day link” to improve customer awareness and accept customer supervision. If the “half day pass” time-out occurs, take the initiative to explain and compensate to the customer, and deal with the obstacles on site. In order to ensure the implementation of “half day pass”, the “half day pass” rate is counted every day, the “half day pass” red and black list is set every week, the installation and maintenance personnel are supervised and assessed, the qualified ones are encouraged to enter the red list, and the unfinished ones are reminded to enter the black list. Grassroots maintenance managers consciously fulfill the promise of “half day link”, bring all kinds of maintenance equipment when providing on-site service, and agree on the on-site time with customers in advance, so as to ensure that the installation and repair work can be completed at one visit.

Since the implementation of “half day link” service commitment, Zunhua Unicom has achieved “half day link” in all installation and maintenance work, with an average installation time of 3.5 hours and a repair time of 2.3 hours.

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